Sunday, May 29, 2005

Susan Olumide

Welcome to my weblog!

My work is informed by organic, prehistoric shapes and carvings capturing mystical and earth symbolism. I am particularly interested in ancient rock art.

I have visited and photographed many of Britain and Ireland’s extraordinary prehistoric sites. These symbols were carved by Neolithic people and because of their great age in time, their meaning will probably never be known.

Rock art is found on natural outcrops in the countryside. Part of the enjoyment is walking and finding them in the remote wilderness and often forgotten locations. It is an otherworldly and uplifting experience when I eventually rediscover them. I then photograph them and use them to inspire my work.

My work is slab-built using mound forms at random. I let the clay make its own shapes. I love the strong, flowing primitive energy this creates.

I use crank clay as it recreates the feel of the rock. I make my own clay stamps to create my rock art impressions and cut paper stencils for the figures, which makes each pot unique.

Here are the areas I’ve visited in the pursuit of inspiration!

Kilmartin Valley, Argyll, Scotland.New Grange, Eire. NorthumberlandRowter Rocks, Derbshire


Blogger Susan Olumide said...

fantastic original brilliant

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Blogger mama D said...

HI susan
I love yor work
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Blogger mama D said...

Susan hi this is Deji Olumide
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